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Although I have been around art all my life, both my parents being artists, I did not get to do any painting until the early 1990s.

What I have learned was not arrived at by being taught by my parents as neither of them taught us children how to paint because they were both so busy trying to care for the large family (eight children). On the other hand there were many paintings hanging around the house and plenty of art books.

Artistic talent is not inherited either. I don't believe most artists have an inherent ability to do art. It is something that can be learned, as is reading. A few people may have their brains constructed in a way that for some reason they are more easily able to learn to do art but for most of us it is a matter of hard work to achieve a level of skill and then maintain it. I did not go to any type of formal school for art training. What I learned was done by reading mostly. My father, though an artist, did not try to teach any of the children art, he was too busy.

I paint in oil and acrylic depending on my mood and needs. The fact that oil remains wet or workable for a long period and acrylic dries rapidly give each certain characteristics or advantages. I like my brushwork to be apparent. I readily acknowledge that the ability to do paintings that are almost photographic in appearance is a fine skill and I am impressed by those who do it, but so far I can't do them and don't seem to be able to get interested in doing them.

I mostly do landscape but have recently started doing a bit of figure work. I work from my own photography, which I also love to do. I admire plein-aire painting and would like to do more but when I get outside I am generally totally distracted by what is around me and want to photograph it all. You may see how I do a painting, "Little Pink Airplanes," by clicking here.

Paintings are sorted in two ways here, by the year they were produced and in special collections.

A person can follow my artistic development by going through the yearly sort, almost all of my paintings are displayed in this area. You may follow changes in my skill level as well as subject interests.






The groupings show a few of my special interests. Most artists have special interests, in my case I have worked mostly with landscape. These are basically simple aesthetic statements and are signed Franz Brown or FKBrown. These also reflect my interests in environmental awareness and respect.

A special interest of mine is visual symbols and their power to control our emotions. This interest is reflected in some special groupings of paintings. I sign these John Porthos Falstaff or some variation thereof. Historically artwork has been used to convey information and control attitudes. People could read pictures and knew the symbolic significance of the placement of a dog in a picture for example (loyalty).

In my series "A Forest for the Trees"  (completed 2009) I try to promote an appreciation for our forests. I would like to see forests as primarily as places  for spiritual and psychic refreshment. This set includes twelve 24x48" pieces, all horizontal.

I have continued to do works relating to the forests and so many others may be noted in my work. One group was on a the development and then decline of a beaver pond.

I n 2008 I began a series of portraits of large men. This work was inspired by a website about the human form in art, specifically large men and how attitudes in this country were becoming negative towards large people. The site owner was a woman married to a large man who stated her love for her husband, a large man. She had a mission to encourage a change in attitude.

 So I started. "Bears" is the result. Large men make good art subjects and have been neglected in art in favor of idealized figures of small or medium build stature, especially currently. As of December 2014, ten portraits have been completed. I have reached my goal with ten large portraits (48x24) plus a number of smaller images.



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