Photography by Franz Brown

I have been doing photography since I was sixteen. At that time my father sat down with me and showed me how to use a camera, after fifteen minutes he said I knew all I needed to start, which was basically how the camera worked. Composition, design, color and all the rest I got on my own, mostly from books. I looked at a lot of art to help with the design and color.

I admit I like to shoot beautiful things. Plants, landscapes and so forth. I particularly admire the work of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams in this regard. But I also admire August Sander, Dorothea Lang and Irving Penn. Because of them I have come to love portraiture.

States of Mind

Photography is all about reading, reading images. Here are a few images worth reading. Unfortunately when it comes to reading pictures we all read differently. We don't have a common visual language. Images gain meaning depending on our personal experiences. Look at these images and see how you might read them. Then read to find out my meaning.

These are more about feelings, dark or moody thoughts, painful moments with a psychological direction.

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House in a Pink Cloud

A series of photos featuring pink in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

A substantial amount of material was photographed for Sioux Replications who specialize in reproductions of 1800s Plains Indian artifacts using traditional methods of the period. This was used to develop materials for a touring exhibit on Lewis and Clark.

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